What's Your Catalyst?

From the spark of the Lightning Bolt of your Idea to the proverbial Phoenix launching from the fires it creates, Catalyst Studioz was born by Design to Design your Logo,

Web and Marketing campaigns.

We offer our customers a unique & definitive Graphic & Web Design solutions,
supported by decades of experience serving hundreds of clients, just like you.


Do you have a plan?

As the great explorers Hillary, Livingstone, Clark and Bingham all needed guides on their journeys of discovery, Catalyst Studioz will guide you through the uncertain waters of Digital Media.

We understand that not everyone has all the details right away. 
Let Catalyst Studioz create a plan that will suit any stage of a company’s evolution.

Whether you are a start up, an existing brand that needs refreshing or an established business needing a make over, Catalyst Studioz will launch your Brand to gain awareness, expand market share and remain relevant in ongoing campaigns.

We provide cost effective plans covering all aspects of Graphic and Web design, Logo/Content/Copy creation, Social Media & Marketing campaigns.
Let us be the Catalyst to your Success!


Details Matter because, First Impressions Matter.

You have seconds… seconds: to create a positive impression. Make it count.

Our designs are simple, elegant, compelling images that evokes a personal connection to your audience. Our Branding campaigns create a platform on which to engage the public
in defining where your market opportunities lie.

Our attention to detail are burnished between the caldrons of creativity, amongst the fires of competition, bridging the artistic and business acumen necessary to distinguish your Brand from the Crowd.

Additional Design Services